Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Learning From First Trip

So after our first week of RVing, we've started tweaking things up to make it easier.  We realized we need our coffee and we didn't always have electricity to plug our coffee maker in, or a place to go get coffee.  The first thing we got this time was a percolator.  This way we can use it on our propane stove or even a campfire if need be.  We also decided to not take too much food with us this time.  We did pretty well with the protein bars and some of the canned goods, but we seriously didn't get to use the oatmeal much because making it in a microwave in a paper bowl is NOT a very good idea.  And some of the other stuff seemed like a good idea, but when you have Maine lobster all around you it's hard to eat rice & beans.

 We also had all of our clothes in reusable shopping bags and ended up throwing other stuff on top so it was hard to get at them.  So I found these vegetable bins that should fit just the right amount of clothing for each of us.  And there's enough room to put some rolled up towels on the side. We will figure out what to put in front of these that will be easy to take out and keep these baskets in place.  And we had a cheap runner on the floor for the dogs to be able to jump onto the bed.  On the first day Domino's toenail ripped through it and it got dirty rather quickly.  So we bought these two entry mats that have rubber backing so they don't move.  And they will be easy to clean up and wipe down.  Hopefully round two of RVing will go smoother.  And if it doesn't, I'm sure we will learn some fun new ways to do things.


  1. think of the travel as being European, part is exploring their foods and markets that they procure daily to eat fresh.

    1. We knew we would try foods from wherever we went. Now it's just healthy snacks and a few canned meals.