Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recompence Shore CampGround

This place is more than just a campground Recompence Shore Campground  It is also an organic farm on the ocean, sells vegetables and has a dairy farm with a camp and school for kids.  It's right next to Wolf's Neck State Park  The campsites have water and electricity if you aren't on the ocean, that's what we got.  Today we went to visit the farm and check out the ocean views. We had a very large campsite with a huge open area that the dogs could run around in if we could have unleashed them.  Instead we took them through the trails in the woods on our way to the farm.
Domino & Dallas are loving the cows.

Recompence Shore Campground, Freeport, Maine

This is an awesome place to camp with children. They have so many things going on to teach children about farming.  They also have farm to plate meals on certain days, hay rides & let a few people help with feeding the farm animals.  I wish I knew about this place when my boys were little
The sheep were talking to my dogs.  I don't think they knew what they were and didn't know what to do with them.  I thought for sure Domino would want to go after them and try and herd them.  I know he likes herding us.  And they also had ducks that weren't caged and my dogs just walked by and didn't do a thing.  It was awesome and not stressful like I thought it would be bringing them into the barn.  All the people there were very accommodating and friendly.