Sunday, September 18, 2016

Today Was A Day Of Beauty

The day started out wonderfully as all days should.  I saw the sunrise from my bedroom window.

We finally got into Acadia National Park.  It is a thing of beauty.  We hiked a lot and walked around some beautiful areas. And we saw an odd thing too.
Jordan Lake in Acadia Park Maine

South Bubble Mountain I guess. Sorry for the blurriness, we were driving with traffic behind us.
After driving and hiking through the Northern part of Acadia, we drove around the Southern part.  It took awhile to get there because you have to drive up the peninsula to go down the other peninsula.  It's not as scenic with mountains, but there are a lot of ocean sites to see.  And we were looking for lobster.  Because how can you come to Maine and not eat lobster and blueberry pie.  We went to one place that said they weren't doing takeout orders on Saturday.  I don't know what the big deal was, but after Gary was grumpy for a little while with his low blood sugar we drove on.  So glad the other place didn't do takeout because we found an awesome place that had a goat and outside tables that we could sit with the dogs.  And we could watch the cook steam the steamers.  It was an awesome and fun place.  The cook was originally from Lowell and was very friendly.  
Then for some reason, as we were driving closer to our camp ground, Bar Harbor Campground, we saw the most random thing.  A bagpiper in full regalia playing the pipes on a rock on the beach.  It was beautiful.
And here is the random awesomeness we saw on a beach in Bar Harbor Maine.  I took a video of part of it, but it won't upload just now.  And it looks like it has on my family kilt.

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