Friday, September 16, 2016

A Learning Lesson

So our trip so far is a learning lesson.  Our RV is lite.  Which we thought was a great thing because it was easier to tow.  Then we realized, yes it's easier to tow and will use less gas, but it will also get swept all over the highway when semi trucks drive by.  Well it was tough going, but beautiful scenery along the way.
We were on our way to Acadia, but didn't want to be rushed setting up our RV.  It was almost 6:00 so we called a place on the water in Searsport, ME and they had an opening.  I would have thought there were less people camping in the fall, but I was mistaken.  There are a lot of full timers and retired folk that camp when it's quieter.                  
There are three levels of sites here.  One was right on the ocean, but up high on a ledge, the other was one row back and then further back.  They had no more ocean front sites so we opted for the second row.  Which is pretty awesome because you can still see the ocean.  
We also got to see the almost full moon and an awesome sunrise.  We did go to bed at 8:30 and wake up a little before 6am.  And after a few hours of sleep Gary learned how to turn on the heater.  I guess it gets cold on the ocean in Maine in September hahaha!  We took the dogs for a few walks outside before going to bed.  And said hello to a few couples walking around with their dogs or alone.  Everyone here is very friendly.  But I guess who wouldn't be if they're on vacation.  Plus, I have never  met a mean or angry person in Maine.  Even if they weren't from here.  

So after a half restful sleep and a beautiful sunrise, I tried using my Instant Pot pressure cooker.  I was looking around for the instructions and realized I must have left them at home.  Thank goodness for free wifi at this campsite and being able to find anything on the internet.  I opened a few cans of vegetables and added some water and quinoa, and voila a one pot healthy protein and fiber rich breakfast that we can also have for lunch or dinner later on.

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