Saturday, September 10, 2016

Closing In On Leaving!

Things to do:

B.J.s run for bulk essentials (best place to get nuts, protein bars, etc.)

Pick up Trip Tiks (so happy to find that did get my directions I sent them)

Get back up camera for RV (this is turning out to be difficult.  Most don't go 40')

Start packing RV (finally got it unhooked from truck so we can pack it)

Clean House (yes still on list)

Find bin for sewer hose (still on list and should be most important thing)

The most important thing on the previous list was visiting my granddaughter.  It was accomplished yesterday.  But it will never be enough time spent with her.  My heart grows bigger every time I see her or even a pic of her.  She is so delightful as an infant I can just imagine how delightful she will be as a toddler.  I want to teach her so many things.

I visited two of my sons and significant others.  Today will be the third.  I saw my Dad, and hopefully will see my Mom before I leave.  I need to get all these visits in before going just in case we fall off a cliff or get mauled by a bear.  Which reminds me, we still need to go to the store and find some bear spray.

Well I am off to pick up the truck and get on with my day.  ~ have a nature filled day my friends!

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