Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stainless Steel Mugs

These are our new stainless steel coffee mugs for our trip.  I like that they have colors etched on them so we can tell whose is whose.  Although Gary uses cream and I drink my coffee black.  I got these because they're unbreakable and will keep the coffee hot.

Buddhism And Modern Psychology

I started taking an online course called Buddhism and Modern Psychology.  Yesterday the lesson was about suffering.  Buddhism believes that suffering comes from being attached to things.  I've believed this for awhile now since I've been reading about Buddhism.  It is still hard for me to not be attached to things and outcomes, etc.  On my way to work today I saw two instances where things changed suddenly that I was attached to at the moment. One was at an intersection.  I was letting a car go through, and all of a sudden it started to back up instead of going through the intersection so I went through instead.  As I got to the next intersection the car in front of me was pulled to the left with it's left signal on and all of a sudden, put on it's right signal and turned right.  These may seem like small things, but it goes to show you that at any moment in your life things can change.  Getting attached to an outcome and wanting to happen a certain way is aggravating if it doesn't work out the way we think it should.  I'm trying to live in the moment and when things happen just accept them.  This way there is no suffering.  If I start with the small stuff like on my way to work it will get easier when the big stuff comes up.  ~Thanks for listening

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mini Vacation

Today Gary took me on a micro mini vacation.  We drove the trailer to the town next to us and parked along the side of the road on a pulloff area that is between two lakes.  It is really hot out today, but there was a beautiful breeze coming off the lake.  We only spend a little over an hour there, but it was great and an easy way to unwind and get use to spending time in our new little home.  How do you guys take a min break?  Would love to hear other ideas.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

RV Cooking

I've been trying to plan what kinds of food my husband and I will be cooking on our adventure.  I've looked up a bunch of vegan and vegetarian recipes that look pretty good, but not many recipes online for that sort of thing.  I call myself a vegetarian, but am really a vegan that loves butter.  Since there are so many types of vegetarians I just thought I would add another one.  Gary is a carnivore.  He will mostly be eating vegan meals with maybe a few grilled burgers or steak in between.  I'm hoping that we lose weight on this adventure do to the fact that we will be doing a lot of walking and eating mostly healthy foods.

We will try and stop by lots of farmers markets due to the fact that Ruby has a very small refrigerator

and a practically non existent freezer. Bringing a huge bag of rice and beans which should cook up quickly in the crockpot/pressure cooker I purchased and adding fresh veggies should be easy enough.  They said that using the burners on the RV stovetop will use up a lot of propane.  This way we plug into the campsite and use their electricity.  And with the pressure cooker things will cook faster and we don't have to stay inside the camper while it's on.

As many of my family members know, I like to research anything I'm planning on doing so that I can do it the quickest and easiest way possible.  I don't like wasting time or money.
Still trying to figure out what these are on the bottom shelf of the fridge door.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ruby Does Have Meaning

I just realized that the name Ruby means something to Gary & I.  It was the place that we ate our wedding meal, Ruby Tuesdays. So I guess Ruby was the best name possible since she's taking us on our honeymoon after an 11 year marriage.


Coffee Time

We had coffee with Ruby this morning.  The dogs, Dallas & Domino are really feeling comfortable in the RV.  They even seem to bark less.  That is really the only thing I'm worried about at the campsites.  Dallas loves to talk to squirrels.  But most people don't enjoy her high pitched voice when she's doing it.  I'm hoping with all the exercise we'll be doing that she will be too tired to talk.  And maybe Gary will too, hahaha!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Ruby Is Her Name

So Ruby is the name that came to me when we went to pick her up today.  I am happy with that name.  She is rugged and friendly at the same time.  I feel very comfortable with her.  I wanted to sleep in there tonight, but my significant other is not onboard.  He says it's too hot.

He practiced driving it today and did pretty well.  The backing up part did not go so well.  I think it did, he didn't run over anyone.  I wanted to try doing it, but I don't think he wanted me to get good at it before he did.  Oh men.

The anticipation of getting Ruby has gone and now it is taken over by anticipation of our traveling adventure.  I just can't wait to get started on our journey.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ameri-Lite 20 Footer

This Friday is the big day to pick up the camper.  I'm so excited that I just might sleep in it outside my house on the first night.  I do think it's suppose to rain Friday, but that will make it all even more adventurous.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Those Darn Parents

Yesterday I was standing in my living room looking out my window.  And I noticed my neighbor in his driveway with his two young children.  They were riding bikes.  Then I noticed a car speeding into said driveway and stopping short right before hitting the children and pulling over to the hairdressers side of the driveway. No one seemed to say anything to each other or be horrified by this happening.  Meanwhile, my mouth was agape and I couldn't close it.  I would just like to say that if you share a driveway with someone and your children are playing in the same driveway that you should probably put up a barrier.  Or at least sit in the area that they would run over you first instead of at the back of the driveway free and clear from incoming vehicles.  Why was no one horrified of this happening???

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Two New Adventures

I haven't been blogging for awhile.  But I am starting on two new adventures and wanted to share them with people.  So in the coming weeks I will be starting up my blog again.  This way I can see who is reading it and make it available to others that I want to see it.  Hope you all are having a great day.