Sunday, August 21, 2016

Those Darn Parents

Yesterday I was standing in my living room looking out my window.  And I noticed my neighbor in his driveway with his two young children.  They were riding bikes.  Then I noticed a car speeding into said driveway and stopping short right before hitting the children and pulling over to the hairdressers side of the driveway. No one seemed to say anything to each other or be horrified by this happening.  Meanwhile, my mouth was agape and I couldn't close it.  I would just like to say that if you share a driveway with someone and your children are playing in the same driveway that you should probably put up a barrier.  Or at least sit in the area that they would run over you first instead of at the back of the driveway free and clear from incoming vehicles.  Why was no one horrified of this happening???

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