Friday, October 21, 2016

Googling Ingredients?

Am I the only one that Google's ingredients?  Well, I just googled the ingredients on the Sensodyne Toothpaste in my medicine cabinet.  I use to use it, but now I make my own toothpowder with bentonite clay, baking soda & cinnamon.  But my DH uses it once in awhile.  On the active ingredient list is the words sodium nitrate.
And when I look it up it says it's other name is saltpeter.  Now I don't know if any of you have ever heard of that, but it was used in the army to keep men from getting erections.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as:  A white powder that exists naturally in some soils and that is used especially as a fertilizer, in medicine, and to make gunpowder.

Well I don't know about you, but I don't want my family using this.  Now I will have to scrutinize food labels even more than I do now.  This is craziness! No thank you toothpaste companies, I will stay with my toothpowder that has actually brightened my teeth and done away with the sensitivity more than your Sensodyne ever did.

I hope this gets at least some of you that read this to start reading labels of things you put in your home.  Especially things that your children will be using.

Have a healthy day!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Second Day No Sugar!

So this is the second day of no sugar.  I already slept better last night.  I didn't have that feeling that my blood was moving extra quick through my veins and my head throbbing from too much sugar.  I have even felt fuller after eating.  I use to always have to have something sweet after every meal, even breakfast.  I wonder if the sugar in my diet was making me crave it?  Hahaha, that's a definite YES!

I always eat oatmeal in the morning with walnuts and cinnamon and raw honey.  Don't get me wrong, raw honey is much better for you than other kinds of sweeteners, but I was having it every morning.  And I had been noticing that I was increasing my honey each day.  That is not a good thing.  One thing I never did do was have honey or sugar in my tea or in my coffee and I've never liked drinking soda.  So I guess I have it easier than others who are only drinking soda and need sugar in their coffee and tea.  I have a friend, who shall go nameless, that puts over 7 sugars in her coffee.  How do you even taste the coffee.  And if you don't like the taste of it, find another way to get your morning jolt.  Like have an apple, or some pineapple.  I have actually stopped eating pineapple, because for me, it has too much sugar.

Soda is the one thing that I never bring into my home anymore.  I use to buy it for parties, or when my boys came for a visit.  Then I wondered why I wouldn't drink it, but was giving it to the ones I love.  So now, whenever you come to my home, you will get water or tea and sometimes coffee if it's early enough the day.  On a side note, I did bring a 2-litre bottle of Coke into my home to wash my massage sheets because it is great for bringing out the oils.

After cutting out sugar for a few weeks I will work on my carb intake.  One poison at a time.  Even though I know that carbs turn into sugar.  I guess I have been lowering my intake since yesterday.  And I'm making better choices for carbs.  I have an apple a day and I make quinoa instead of rice all the time.

I have always been a label reader.  So much so that my husband does not like grocery shopping with me.  I guess I get that from my Dad.  He is 85 years old and refuses to eat sugar, french fries and items made by tobacco companies.  He does look good for his age.  I can't say I'm that crazy yet.  Remember that I said yet, because there is still plenty of crazy to come my way just from my DNA I'm sure.

The two things that are forcing me to do this is to show others you can change anything about yourself no matter how old you are, and because I want my kidneys to be in awesome shape justin (purposely said it this way) case I'm a match for my nephew.

I posted a link below to tell you how sugar makes you fat.  I still have fat in my diet, just not sugar.  And low fat products are thee worst and they taste horrible.  I have known this for awhile.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sugar Detox Again

I've decided to do another sugar detox this fall.  I always seem to do it right before and during Halloween.  Which I think is good because I have had some really bad sugar hangovers in the fall.  I got a family member to try it with me because competition makes things easier for me.  We are also going to do the plank challenge.  So when we complete our mission and get all the way to mid December we will be showing off our six-pack abs.  Here's to trading our sugar in for planks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Missing It Already.

Since I've been home for three days I've been missing camping.  It's a simple way of life even though there's a lot of work.  I would love to be a Full-timer.  Not sure my DH could handle it.  He can work anywhere in the country and if I get nationally certified so can I.  Moving around to a different area every few months would be awesome.

Tahquamenon Falls, MI

White Fish Point, MI

Dallas & Domino enjoying the outdoors.

Domino & Dallas tuckered out from all the hiking and fresh air.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back In The USA

As we've done throughout our whole trip we continued to not make reservations at campgrounds as we drove back into the USA.  It was doable because it was the end of most campgrounds seasons.  A lot of them close October 10-15th.

We were driving through New York state when I took these pictures.  We stayed at a wonderful campsite in Schenectady NY that was on a river. We got there at 7pm and couldn't see a thing.  When we woke up, we were right on the river and no one in front of us.  It was beautiful.  These were taken on the way home during a rainstorm.
This picture was taken quickly out of the truck window while Gary was driving on the highway. I was clicking pics of the foliage and suddenly this lovely creek was there with these beautiful trees.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Retelling our travels is a little difficult after the fact.  We had very sketchy wifi or nonexistent most of the time, so I'm having to think bank of when we did things and where pictures are from.  The biggest problem is that we went from Vermont to Canada, then Michigan and back to Canada so the parts of Canada are getting messed up in my head hahaha!

We went through the port of entry at Sault Sainte Marie  It was awesome to see huge ships and small ships going through the locks.  It was mesmerizing.
A giant freighter going through the locks as we got there.
 My husband has been dying to go to Lake Superior to see where the Edmond Fitzgerald went down.  I think he was hoping that we could take a boat out to the point they lost it and he could go diving down to see what he could find.
Great Lakes Historical Society.  My DH is obsessed with the Edmond Fitzgerald.

This was so lifelike it was creepy.  
Amazing invention.
 This is the first time we had seen Lake Superior.  It was amazing and breathtaking.  Now I know why they call it Lake Superior.  It's because it is the Superior lake of the Great lakes.  Great just isn't a big enough word for it.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Last Day In Canada

We stayed at the Milton Heights Campground in Milton, ON.  We were only going to stay two nights, but ended up staying four.  This was a great home base to visit, Guelph, Toronto & Parry Sound.  My grandfather was born in Guelph and my great grandfather and Bobby Orr were born in Parry Sound.  My great grandfather actually died in Parry Sound at the age of 33.  The campground was clean.  It had hydro (electricity), water and sewer.  Most of the campgrounds we went to did not have sewer.  This one also had a laundry room which is great to have because it's really hard to pack a ton of clothes in a small camper.

There were a lot of dogs here and a lot of really nice people, most of whom were from Ontario.  I wasn't surprised they were all so nice, because they were dog people, hahaha!  We even gave a couple that was staying across from us our email addresses so if they are ever in the States they can let us know.  I am glad that we left when we did because most people had a long weekend in Canada due to their Thanksgiving being celebrated on October 10th and lots of people started filling up the campground with children.  I don't mind children, but they do make my dogs bark.

It was really nice to stay somewhere for more than two days and not have to hitch and unhitch every other day.

On our way home it was more than a days drive because it takes a lot longer to drive pulling a travel trailer because you're not going 60 mph.  So I found a nice place on a river in Schenectady, NY.  We didn't get there until 7pm so everything was dark.  We almost drove down a railroad track because it was right near the turn for the place.  It was called Arrowhead Campground & Marina.  It looked like a nice big site when we pulled in, (thank goodness it was a pull-in site at this time of night). But we couldn't see anything but the plug to plug in.  We didn't hook up to their water because we needed to use up our water in the tank before getting home.  In the morning when we woke up, it was a spectacular site.  On our door side of the camper was the river with lots of trees and no other campers in our line of site.  I couldn't believe our luck coming in so late on a holiday weekend and getting, what I would call, a prime site.

Still not home yet, but I'm sure we will be back tonight or tomorrow morning.  I truly have enjoyed our experience RVing and could do this most months out of the year.
Guelph, ON where my Granddad was born

The Basilica in Guelph, ON

Wayne Gretzky Sports Center & Hall of Recognition.

Domino & Dallas chilling' at Milton Heights Campground thinking they're getting the steak we're cooking!

Bobby Orr Hall of Fame in Parry Sound, ON

Bobby Orr Hall of Fame in Parry Sound, OR on Georgian Bay in Lake Huron

Yes I play Pokemon Go.

Bobby Orr's dedication to his Dad after he passed away.

In front of the City Hall of Guelph, ON trying to find out about my father's family.

From the top of the Civic Museum in Guelph.  Small museum, but nice old pictures of the town.

Outside the Guelph Library still trying to find out about my family.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Toronto For The Day

Went to Toronto today.  It is a very big city.  I haven't walked through a major city in awhile so I don't know if there are tons of people walking around in business suits all at the same time with large pockets of no-one in between.  My husband went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame and I walked Domino & Dallas through Toronto.  I was worried as I walked through little marbled sitting areas thinking that one of my dogs was going to have to go to the bathroom.  I guess I shouldn't have worried, because Domino decided to wait until he was in the middle of a street.  I saw that he was trying to go and I kept pulling him onto the sidewalk.  I did go back into the street and pick up after him.  And I was happy in the end that he didn't go in front of one of the many restaurants that we walked by.

When Gary got out of the Hall Of Fame we walked to the CN Tower near the waterfront.  We had to take turns going inside.  I went and bought both tickets so Gary just had to wait in three lines instead of four.  It cost $35 to go to the main upper deck.  There is a higher deck that I thought Gary would have gone to, but he didn't.  And they have an outside area where they tether you off and you can practically hang off the side of this very tall building.  So we went up 114 stories, but we could have gone up 147 stories.  It was not as impressive as the Sears Tower, or the John Hancock in Chicago.  These windows were just like regular windows.  I wanted them to be floor to ceiling.  They did have an outside fenced in deck that was nice and windy.  And they had a glass floor in a small part of it that people were lying on and having their pictures taken.  I could barely get myself to look down.  And it wasn't as scary as I thought going up and down the glass elevator, even though I was right out front.  I think it was because they shoved so many of us in one elevator and I felt like I was safe and secure.

Surprisingly, they had pretty good spinach and feta stuffed bagels at the top of the tower.

We then walked for 15 minutes to go down to the waterfront.  It had kayaks for rent and a tiny beach which was nice.  And also a train museum and a brewery.  We never got to walk to the gardens or any other museums.  They are not all together like in Chicago.  If we didn't have the dogs, we would have gone on a double decker bus tour and a lake tour to the Toronto Islands.

I liked Ottawa better than Toronto even though we didn't have a chance to walk around Ottawa.  I guess because there were no hockey places in Ottawa so Gary didn't have a need to walk around, hahaha!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


This time we went to Canada.  We've both been to Montreal before, but never went to Ontario.  Actually, we started by getting a route to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it showed us a way through Canada.  I figured that would be interesting and maybe this time we would actually see some wildlife besides our own two dogs.  Well, so far we just saw one deer on our way up through Vermont.

We left in the middle of the afternoon to make some headway.  And halfway through the ride G was too tired to drive so we stopped in a small rest-area in Sharon, VT.  There were a few big rigs, but it was quiet, cozy and free.

We bypassed Montreal because we've both been there a lot and figured with a trailer in tow it would probably be a mess.

We got into Ontario in the afternoon and didn't have a place in mind to stay.  I looked on my RV Parky app and found a great campground called Wesley Clover Park Campground.  It was small but woodsy and private.  We were actually next to a tiny little cottage that was empty.  It was a lovely place.  But all night long we heard some noise and finally realized it was the highway that we were just minutes from, even though we had to loop around and felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.  There were a lot of empty areas that we were able to walk the dogs.  There was so much wilderness I was a little apprehensive to walk my dogs alone, but did and still didn't see any bear or moose or elk.

The next morning we had our truck unhooked from the trailer and made our way into downtown Ottawa.  Of course it was rush hour, but we were on vacation and forget that everyone else has to work.  But, oh my goodness... OTTAWA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CANADIAN TOWN I HAVE EVER SEEN.  I didn't get very many good pictures because there were so many busses along the sidewalk and it was way to busy to walk the dogs around.

Beautiful pictures to follow when I have amazing wifi.  Right now it's free and very sketchy.  I use to take wifi for granted.

Art Work in the middle of Ottawa

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Learning From First Trip

So after our first week of RVing, we've started tweaking things up to make it easier.  We realized we need our coffee and we didn't always have electricity to plug our coffee maker in, or a place to go get coffee.  The first thing we got this time was a percolator.  This way we can use it on our propane stove or even a campfire if need be.  We also decided to not take too much food with us this time.  We did pretty well with the protein bars and some of the canned goods, but we seriously didn't get to use the oatmeal much because making it in a microwave in a paper bowl is NOT a very good idea.  And some of the other stuff seemed like a good idea, but when you have Maine lobster all around you it's hard to eat rice & beans.

 We also had all of our clothes in reusable shopping bags and ended up throwing other stuff on top so it was hard to get at them.  So I found these vegetable bins that should fit just the right amount of clothing for each of us.  And there's enough room to put some rolled up towels on the side. We will figure out what to put in front of these that will be easy to take out and keep these baskets in place.  And we had a cheap runner on the floor for the dogs to be able to jump onto the bed.  On the first day Domino's toenail ripped through it and it got dirty rather quickly.  So we bought these two entry mats that have rubber backing so they don't move.  And they will be easy to clean up and wipe down.  Hopefully round two of RVing will go smoother.  And if it doesn't, I'm sure we will learn some fun new ways to do things.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Travel Trailers Are Tricky

At Recompence Shore Campground we had a little mishap with the truck and camper.  We were looking at the map of the campground and it had lots of different areas.  We could tell where we were, but could not tell how to get back to the office to check out by 11am.  The campsites were enormous, but the roads to and from, not so much.  We went down a few wrong ways, which in a car or truck is just fine, all you have to do is turn around.  But here we had to backup with a 21' trailer behind us.  We were battling trees, large rocks and fence posts.  I was outside the truck and giving directions.  Either my directions were misleading or the drivers ears were shut (I'm not naming names)!  It took us 45 minutes to get to the office, yikes!

As you're turning the truck, the trailer goes the other way so if you turn too much they hit each other.  Most of the time you would stop and turn the wheel.  But this time we had so much stuff in the way we were caught between the trees, rocks and fences.  And all this because there was a bridge that had a sign on it that said, "No RV's allowed over bridge"! The bridge was probably only 6' long.  We did way more damage to our vehicles than we could have possibly done to that little bridge.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recompence Shore CampGround

This place is more than just a campground Recompence Shore Campground  It is also an organic farm on the ocean, sells vegetables and has a dairy farm with a camp and school for kids.  It's right next to Wolf's Neck State Park  The campsites have water and electricity if you aren't on the ocean, that's what we got.  Today we went to visit the farm and check out the ocean views. We had a very large campsite with a huge open area that the dogs could run around in if we could have unleashed them.  Instead we took them through the trails in the woods on our way to the farm.
Domino & Dallas are loving the cows.

Recompence Shore Campground, Freeport, Maine

This is an awesome place to camp with children. They have so many things going on to teach children about farming.  They also have farm to plate meals on certain days, hay rides & let a few people help with feeding the farm animals.  I wish I knew about this place when my boys were little
The sheep were talking to my dogs.  I don't think they knew what they were and didn't know what to do with them.  I thought for sure Domino would want to go after them and try and herd them.  I know he likes herding us.  And they also had ducks that weren't caged and my dogs just walked by and didn't do a thing.  It was awesome and not stressful like I thought it would be bringing them into the barn.  All the people there were very accommodating and friendly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Something New To Learn Each Day

Well, I didn't have internet for two days.  I thought I could write my blog and just not publish it.  I guess I was wrong.

We have been seeing some beautiful scenery.  But still no wildlife, unless you count our dogs.  We even stayed inside Acadia National Park for two nights and only saw chipmunks.  How does that happen??

It rained the two days we stayed in the park it was like being in a rainforest. We met a few people from across the way.  One guy was very friendly and liked our dogs, and the other one kept walking by and staring at our dogs without saying hi.  I don't tend to trust people that don't like my dogs.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Today Was A Day Of Beauty

The day started out wonderfully as all days should.  I saw the sunrise from my bedroom window.

We finally got into Acadia National Park.  It is a thing of beauty.  We hiked a lot and walked around some beautiful areas. And we saw an odd thing too.
Jordan Lake in Acadia Park Maine

South Bubble Mountain I guess. Sorry for the blurriness, we were driving with traffic behind us.
After driving and hiking through the Northern part of Acadia, we drove around the Southern part.  It took awhile to get there because you have to drive up the peninsula to go down the other peninsula.  It's not as scenic with mountains, but there are a lot of ocean sites to see.  And we were looking for lobster.  Because how can you come to Maine and not eat lobster and blueberry pie.  We went to one place that said they weren't doing takeout orders on Saturday.  I don't know what the big deal was, but after Gary was grumpy for a little while with his low blood sugar we drove on.  So glad the other place didn't do takeout because we found an awesome place that had a goat and outside tables that we could sit with the dogs.  And we could watch the cook steam the steamers.  It was an awesome and fun place.  The cook was originally from Lowell and was very friendly.  
Then for some reason, as we were driving closer to our camp ground, Bar Harbor Campground, we saw the most random thing.  A bagpiper in full regalia playing the pipes on a rock on the beach.  It was beautiful.
And here is the random awesomeness we saw on a beach in Bar Harbor Maine.  I took a video of part of it, but it won't upload just now.  And it looks like it has on my family kilt.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oh The Places We Go

Last night we stayed at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground.  It was lovely.  It had electricity and water and free wifi.  But our water hose didn't reach and Gary was having a hard time getting the camper close enough so we went with the water we had in the tank and filled up our holding tank this morning. It cost about $70 for the one night and was nice, but expensive.  Tonight we are staying at the Bar Harbor CampGround and it is supposedly right on the water.  But there is a large cliff and woods separating us.  Although we can see the water. This place is only $30 a night.

If you look hard enough you can see the ocean!
This was the fire we were having.  It was really windy out and thought it might not be a good idea.  It was not, so Gary put it out after awhile with some bottled water.  We also finally tried opening up the awning with a few little snags.

Gary was trying to start the fire with a firestarter like they do in Naked And Afraid.  He cut his hand while opening the package.  I laughed when he wasn't looking.  It didn't work, but we did meet our neighbors from Connecticut who kindly brought over a real lighter, but Gary already had one ready and we talked for a bit.  I have only met nice people in Maine and some of them are just visiting.  A man that works in the deli actually walked down an aisle at Hannaford's to help be find something because I looked confused.  Now that's customer service the Maine way.