Monday, October 10, 2016

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Retelling our travels is a little difficult after the fact.  We had very sketchy wifi or nonexistent most of the time, so I'm having to think bank of when we did things and where pictures are from.  The biggest problem is that we went from Vermont to Canada, then Michigan and back to Canada so the parts of Canada are getting messed up in my head hahaha!

We went through the port of entry at Sault Sainte Marie  It was awesome to see huge ships and small ships going through the locks.  It was mesmerizing.
A giant freighter going through the locks as we got there.
 My husband has been dying to go to Lake Superior to see where the Edmond Fitzgerald went down.  I think he was hoping that we could take a boat out to the point they lost it and he could go diving down to see what he could find.
Great Lakes Historical Society.  My DH is obsessed with the Edmond Fitzgerald.

This was so lifelike it was creepy.  
Amazing invention.
 This is the first time we had seen Lake Superior.  It was amazing and breathtaking.  Now I know why they call it Lake Superior.  It's because it is the Superior lake of the Great lakes.  Great just isn't a big enough word for it.

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