Monday, October 17, 2016

Second Day No Sugar!

So this is the second day of no sugar.  I already slept better last night.  I didn't have that feeling that my blood was moving extra quick through my veins and my head throbbing from too much sugar.  I have even felt fuller after eating.  I use to always have to have something sweet after every meal, even breakfast.  I wonder if the sugar in my diet was making me crave it?  Hahaha, that's a definite YES!

I always eat oatmeal in the morning with walnuts and cinnamon and raw honey.  Don't get me wrong, raw honey is much better for you than other kinds of sweeteners, but I was having it every morning.  And I had been noticing that I was increasing my honey each day.  That is not a good thing.  One thing I never did do was have honey or sugar in my tea or in my coffee and I've never liked drinking soda.  So I guess I have it easier than others who are only drinking soda and need sugar in their coffee and tea.  I have a friend, who shall go nameless, that puts over 7 sugars in her coffee.  How do you even taste the coffee.  And if you don't like the taste of it, find another way to get your morning jolt.  Like have an apple, or some pineapple.  I have actually stopped eating pineapple, because for me, it has too much sugar.

Soda is the one thing that I never bring into my home anymore.  I use to buy it for parties, or when my boys came for a visit.  Then I wondered why I wouldn't drink it, but was giving it to the ones I love.  So now, whenever you come to my home, you will get water or tea and sometimes coffee if it's early enough the day.  On a side note, I did bring a 2-litre bottle of Coke into my home to wash my massage sheets because it is great for bringing out the oils.

After cutting out sugar for a few weeks I will work on my carb intake.  One poison at a time.  Even though I know that carbs turn into sugar.  I guess I have been lowering my intake since yesterday.  And I'm making better choices for carbs.  I have an apple a day and I make quinoa instead of rice all the time.

I have always been a label reader.  So much so that my husband does not like grocery shopping with me.  I guess I get that from my Dad.  He is 85 years old and refuses to eat sugar, french fries and items made by tobacco companies.  He does look good for his age.  I can't say I'm that crazy yet.  Remember that I said yet, because there is still plenty of crazy to come my way just from my DNA I'm sure.

The two things that are forcing me to do this is to show others you can change anything about yourself no matter how old you are, and because I want my kidneys to be in awesome shape justin (purposely said it this way) case I'm a match for my nephew.

I posted a link below to tell you how sugar makes you fat.  I still have fat in my diet, just not sugar.  And low fat products are thee worst and they taste horrible.  I have known this for awhile.

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