Friday, October 7, 2016

Toronto For The Day

Went to Toronto today.  It is a very big city.  I haven't walked through a major city in awhile so I don't know if there are tons of people walking around in business suits all at the same time with large pockets of no-one in between.  My husband went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame and I walked Domino & Dallas through Toronto.  I was worried as I walked through little marbled sitting areas thinking that one of my dogs was going to have to go to the bathroom.  I guess I shouldn't have worried, because Domino decided to wait until he was in the middle of a street.  I saw that he was trying to go and I kept pulling him onto the sidewalk.  I did go back into the street and pick up after him.  And I was happy in the end that he didn't go in front of one of the many restaurants that we walked by.

When Gary got out of the Hall Of Fame we walked to the CN Tower near the waterfront.  We had to take turns going inside.  I went and bought both tickets so Gary just had to wait in three lines instead of four.  It cost $35 to go to the main upper deck.  There is a higher deck that I thought Gary would have gone to, but he didn't.  And they have an outside area where they tether you off and you can practically hang off the side of this very tall building.  So we went up 114 stories, but we could have gone up 147 stories.  It was not as impressive as the Sears Tower, or the John Hancock in Chicago.  These windows were just like regular windows.  I wanted them to be floor to ceiling.  They did have an outside fenced in deck that was nice and windy.  And they had a glass floor in a small part of it that people were lying on and having their pictures taken.  I could barely get myself to look down.  And it wasn't as scary as I thought going up and down the glass elevator, even though I was right out front.  I think it was because they shoved so many of us in one elevator and I felt like I was safe and secure.

Surprisingly, they had pretty good spinach and feta stuffed bagels at the top of the tower.

We then walked for 15 minutes to go down to the waterfront.  It had kayaks for rent and a tiny beach which was nice.  And also a train museum and a brewery.  We never got to walk to the gardens or any other museums.  They are not all together like in Chicago.  If we didn't have the dogs, we would have gone on a double decker bus tour and a lake tour to the Toronto Islands.

I liked Ottawa better than Toronto even though we didn't have a chance to walk around Ottawa.  I guess because there were no hockey places in Ottawa so Gary didn't have a need to walk around, hahaha!

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