Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back In The USA

As we've done throughout our whole trip we continued to not make reservations at campgrounds as we drove back into the USA.  It was doable because it was the end of most campgrounds seasons.  A lot of them close October 10-15th.

We were driving through New York state when I took these pictures.  We stayed at a wonderful campsite in Schenectady NY that was on a river. We got there at 7pm and couldn't see a thing.  When we woke up, we were right on the river and no one in front of us.  It was beautiful.  These were taken on the way home during a rainstorm.
This picture was taken quickly out of the truck window while Gary was driving on the highway. I was clicking pics of the foliage and suddenly this lovely creek was there with these beautiful trees.


  1. as a warning if you go to Grand Canyon in summer, MAKE A RESERVATION! right Holly?

  2. Some places you need to reserve up to a year ahead. If we travel in the peak season we would make some reservations no matter where we were going. And other times we would just stay at a Flying J or Pilot. They have dump stations and propane fill ups!