Sunday, October 9, 2016

Last Day In Canada

We stayed at the Milton Heights Campground in Milton, ON.  We were only going to stay two nights, but ended up staying four.  This was a great home base to visit, Guelph, Toronto & Parry Sound.  My grandfather was born in Guelph and my great grandfather and Bobby Orr were born in Parry Sound.  My great grandfather actually died in Parry Sound at the age of 33.  The campground was clean.  It had hydro (electricity), water and sewer.  Most of the campgrounds we went to did not have sewer.  This one also had a laundry room which is great to have because it's really hard to pack a ton of clothes in a small camper.

There were a lot of dogs here and a lot of really nice people, most of whom were from Ontario.  I wasn't surprised they were all so nice, because they were dog people, hahaha!  We even gave a couple that was staying across from us our email addresses so if they are ever in the States they can let us know.  I am glad that we left when we did because most people had a long weekend in Canada due to their Thanksgiving being celebrated on October 10th and lots of people started filling up the campground with children.  I don't mind children, but they do make my dogs bark.

It was really nice to stay somewhere for more than two days and not have to hitch and unhitch every other day.

On our way home it was more than a days drive because it takes a lot longer to drive pulling a travel trailer because you're not going 60 mph.  So I found a nice place on a river in Schenectady, NY.  We didn't get there until 7pm so everything was dark.  We almost drove down a railroad track because it was right near the turn for the place.  It was called Arrowhead Campground & Marina.  It looked like a nice big site when we pulled in, (thank goodness it was a pull-in site at this time of night). But we couldn't see anything but the plug to plug in.  We didn't hook up to their water because we needed to use up our water in the tank before getting home.  In the morning when we woke up, it was a spectacular site.  On our door side of the camper was the river with lots of trees and no other campers in our line of site.  I couldn't believe our luck coming in so late on a holiday weekend and getting, what I would call, a prime site.

Still not home yet, but I'm sure we will be back tonight or tomorrow morning.  I truly have enjoyed our experience RVing and could do this most months out of the year.
Guelph, ON where my Granddad was born

The Basilica in Guelph, ON

Wayne Gretzky Sports Center & Hall of Recognition.

Domino & Dallas chilling' at Milton Heights Campground thinking they're getting the steak we're cooking!

Bobby Orr Hall of Fame in Parry Sound, ON

Bobby Orr Hall of Fame in Parry Sound, OR on Georgian Bay in Lake Huron

Yes I play Pokemon Go.

Bobby Orr's dedication to his Dad after he passed away.

In front of the City Hall of Guelph, ON trying to find out about my father's family.

From the top of the Civic Museum in Guelph.  Small museum, but nice old pictures of the town.

Outside the Guelph Library still trying to find out about my family.