Friday, April 26, 2013

Electric Bills

Has anyone ever really looked at all the dumb stuff they charge you for on your electric billing my National Grid bill and wanted to understand what all the crazy charges are that I'm paying. One says transition charge: company payments to its wholesale suppliers for terminating its wholesale arrangements.

I didn't ask them to terminate their arrangements! Why am I paying for this? Am I understanding this? It sounds like the $275 your cell phone company makes you pay. But I don't tack that on for someone else to pay! What gives?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Okay everyone, I know most of you on here don't  care about how much trash you throw away each week , never mind recycling, but I do.

I think though, that I've started to get a little crazy about it.  Some people might just say that I've always been crazy about trash and recycling, so those people will think I've become a lot crazier.  I just think I've become more creative with the process.

I try not to throw away more than one small bag per week.  We pay about $3 per bag, even though I use to only throw one bag away when it was "free" trash pick-up.  So when my husband opened the new bag of dog food I told him NOT to throw it in the bag because it would take up too much room.  So he left it on the floor.  

This morning I went to cutting it in little pieces to make it fit better in the bag.  Now mind you, not little, little pieces.  I'm not THAT crazy. Then I noticed that it had 3 layers.  The inside and the outside layers were plastic coated so those had to be thrown in the trash.  But then there was a middle layer that was just paper.  So I got so excited that I could recycle it.  Now I'm thinking that the next bag of dog food I get, we can actually use the inside paper as wrapping paper.  It seems as strong as shipping paper and such a waste to not be used.

So next time someone gets a gift from me wrapped in shipping paper, it just might be from a dog food bag.

And soon I would like to be able to have only two small trash bags per month and not that much recyclable.  Because its not just good to recycle, it's also good to not have any trash or things leftover to recycle.

Does anyone have any cool things they reuse?