Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wildlife & Other Fun Camping Things

My new obsession is to find a field guide that I can check the wildlife in the area that we are visiting. I want to be able to know what the scat (poop), and footprints are that is near us and how to protect us and our dogs from the animals that we come in contact with.  Someone online was saying to not spend the $35 on bear spray and just use hornet spray.  Then I found out that this is inhuman to use on bears and I'm guessing on hornets too, hahaha!  When we get really good at camping after a few years, maybe we can go into the woods and forage for food.  But that is something for my wildest dreams.   And my FB friends know that I do have some wild dreams.

I have joined a few FB pages about RVing and what I have come to find out about RVers is that they are a bunch of friendly, helpful and kind people.  You can ask any random, crazy or normal question and get at least 50 answers within an hour.  Much more helpful than any customer service company that I've spoken with.  There are also campground reviews and all kinds of stuff to look up.

These are two of the products I've received so far from  The salad spinner is awesome and can also be used as a very large bowl.  I'm going to try out the towel when I shower.  It is so much more compact than a regular towel and it is suppose to be quick drying.  This way we can wash it after our showers and it should be dry for the next time without having to find a washer and dryer.  Will also be getting one to wipe off the dogs if it rains.  It's amazing what kind of products you can find when you need them.


  1. Ruth, I could have lent you those books. I think I have two on tracks and scat, because one just didn't seem like enough.

    1. Thanks Matt, but I'm hoping to camp a lot. What names?