Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pros & Cons of Cold Weather Camping


  1. less bugs (although November is the biggest tic season)
  2. less people (at least less children)
  3. less showers (or maybe more because now there is no swimming)
  4. less electricity (no A/C) (hopefully do not have to use the heat yet)
  5. better sleeping
  6. less ice buying
  7. Gary's favorite time of year
  8. no animals protecting their babies like in the spring
  9. dogs don't get as tired like in the heat
  10. we will also have more energy


  1. bulkier clothing
  2. have to use a hairdryer
  3. no swimming
  4. less campgrounds open
  5. frozen pipes (maybe)
Looks like it is making more and more sense to go camping in the fall.  

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