Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finally His Idea

So yesterday we went to see a house our Realtor actually found for us and thought we
would like. It was in Middleborough. We got there at 5 and due at 5:30. We saw a man and a woman standing outside the home so we drove by. When we did get there our agent was a few minutes late. But he didn't have the golden key this time. I guess the agent was suppose to meet us there at 5:30 and didn't. He called her cell and her office and we waited for 45 minutes until she called back and gave him the lock box code. My husband said she probably wants to sell the house herself and get full commission. When we got inside it needed work. Why don't they post that on the sites? I get the sites the realtors see so it makes absolutely no sense to me.

There was one bathroom and one of the walls was a bookcase and was not attached to the rest of the wall so you could see straight through the bathroom. One of the floors was plywood. There were only two bedrooms even though I believe it said three. You needed to walk through one bedroom to get to another and in that bedroom there was another weird bookcase covering a large closet. I was told by the neighbor "Ruth" that there were 5 children living there. I wonder if one of them slept in the closet. That would have been a fire hazard. Plus the fact that the smoke detector kept beeping that it needed a battery.

Of course the yard was almost an acre and flat and beautiful. There was also a barn on the property and a shed. But the shed was attached to the house and actually looked like a room from outside. Which is dumb because it means you have to pay taxes on it and it is counted as living space I guess. The driveway was short and came right up to the house. So you could look out your bedroom window and it would seem like the car was in the house.I gave our realtor a check so we could put a bid on it. Lots of people were looking at it and it was only on the market for 1 day. Then on our way home our realtor calls and says the house realtor called the owners and they won't pay to have the septic checked so she wanted to know if we were willing to do it. So we would be paying $500 for something we might not even get because my husband does not want to buy a house that we have to fix or replace the septic. On the internet it just said "not done" and they do it when the get an offer. Today when I checked it said "septic is buyer's responsibility"! Why can't they find that out in the first place????  So I guess we don't get that house either. And it was a short sale, which is fine, but only on its first day. They can take up to a year to finalize and by that time we could have found the perfect house and lived there for months.

Now my husband wants to check out the Sutton area. But as I was looking online this morning, I found a house in Stoughton and Avon that I want to check out. Fingers grossed we find something within the month.

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