Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Chance? I Don't Think So!

We found out today that the house that we liked the most fell through with the other buyers. Problem was, in the first place, that our bid should have been in first, but the sellers realtor said she never saw it.

The buyers had an inspection done and the inspector saw termite damage and an old pipe draining from the two year old septic system. They offered $200,000 we offered $190,000. I guess they walked away. The termite damage was from 1992 and is checked yearly with a warranty from the company. As I said before, we really liked this house and now our realtor is saying we can have it if we give them $195,000. But we were being bullied. At least that's how I felt. The other realtor called our bank and found out how much we could afford and said that $195,000 should not be a problem for us. (We offered $195,000 when it had no problems) I thought she had a lot of nerve to assume that. They should have lowered the price to $190,000.

Our realtor was talking fast and telling us what a great deal it was. We were saying, "why won't they spend a couple of hundred dollars to change the pipe if that's the only problem?" He said because the other people were stressing them out by asking for lots of things. I heard they were getting the buyers to pay $5,000 of the closing costs so it was more or less the same bid. I was going to ask them to clean up the appliances and antique cars from the yard and get rid of all the wet wood. And put doorknobs on all the doors, since they took all the nice glass ones off and left them empty. These people sounded very greedy. The house was paid off and their father had passed away two years ago. They were getting all the money from the house and the antique cars (one of which I checked online was $35,000)! If they really wanted to just get rid of it and not worry about it anymore, why didn't they take $190,000?

I've decided to stop looking for awhile. Unless of course our realtor decides to look for houses for us. I've been looking for a house as a full-time job.

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