Thursday, October 11, 2012

Children's Style

I was at our local pizza place picking up dinner and I saw a little girl. She was 4-5 years old. She was wearing Ugg boots and a dungaree mini skirt and her hair was all done up with glittery things. Now some of you may call this a fashion forward child, but isn't this kind of fashion designed for teenagers? Also, her Dad was inside the restaurant waiting for his food and she was playing around on the stairs outside and near the parking lot. It was dark out and it was busy. Have I just become too old to understand how little girls should dress? In my opinion, anyone under the age of 15 should not be wearing teenage styles. What ever happened to Garanimals? I think they should come out with cuter more stylish Garanimals to help parents learn how to dress their CHILDREN! And while they're at it, maybe they can put parenting tips on the labels.

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