Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Plans Always Change

Tonight we were suppose to see three houses. One realtor got sick, don't know why that even matters they just give my realtor a code on the phone usually. And another they couldn't show us tonight. So we will see those others on Saturday. We drove by one of them and it doesn't have a For Sale sign in front. So I'm leery about that one.

The one we saw tonight was just down the street from where we live now. It was a contemporary design. The whole upstairs had skylights and funky triangle windows and a beautiful bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and separate shower. Then I stood near the tub and looked out one of the funky windows and noticed that you can see inside the neighbors kitchen. Which means they can probably see inside our bathroom. Which means I would have to start working out because the windows are too odd to get shades to fit.

The yard, I thought, would be nice. It was a third of an acre. But the neighbors very large garage with lots of windows and two stories high was right on the border of our land. And their back door was 6' facing into our yard. The house we saw also had a garage, but it was attached and behind the house. So again we have a house with no real comfortable access to the yard. What is wrong with people nowadays? Doesn't anyone use their yards. I did get to meet our realtors wife. She is very nice and grew up in Hyde Park. It's funny because she is one of 5 and he is one of 11. Sound familiar?

I did forget to take a picture of this place. Sorry.Now I'm reading up on one of the houses for Saturday. First listed in January at $249,900. Then reduced to $159,900. Six months later Under Agreement. Two weeks later Back on Market. Two weeks later Under Agreement again. Two weeks after that price change to $172,400. One month later BOM with a new price of $185,900 that now says Sellers Bank wants no lower offers than this.

Why is buying a house so complicated?

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