Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sign Language

I was watching the Governor speaking about the aftermath of the storm. There was a sign language interpreter on the side. I don't understand why they are wasting money on sign language interpreters when they can use the money for storm recovery. Is it to show they are politically correct? Wouldn't it be better to have close captioning? Not all people that have a hard time hearing or are deaf can understand sign language.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this please!


  1. Very interesting question! I know a lot of attention was paid to this particular interpreter because of her facial expressions, but overall, it made me think about how infrequently we actually see sign interpreters at press conferences. Hell, we usually don't even see them when the President speaks. Sure, there is closed captioning, but I'm wondering what a hearing impaired person who understands sign language does in a situation where they're away from their own tv? Like I said, very interesting question, would be great to discuss with some friends!

  2. most if not all televisions now have closed captioning. I was just thinking it might be for the people in the audience. That , to me would make the most sense.