Friday, October 26, 2012

Stupid Dog Owners

Let me preface by saying that I love pit bulls! It's their owners that I dislike!

When I was out on a walk with my two dogs I saw the most beautiful red nosed pit and American Staffordshire Terrier. A man was holding them on strong leashes and walking with his wife/girlfriend and baby in a carriage. I was walking between the water on a small piece of land with not much room for four dogs. Thank goodness I was almost off when they saw me and turned around to sit on a bench and wait. That was the smartest thing they did.

As we walked far enough away from them they commented on how beautiful my dogs were and I said the same of theirs. Then they proceeded to tell me that their dogs do not get along or like other dogs. That scared me. What If I had been in the middle of the land? What if he lost hold of his dogs? Who the hell brings two massive dogs that don't like dogs to a place where everyone, especially woman and the elderly, walk their dogs?

And why on Earth would they walk them down the center strip with only enough room for two people. They are out of their minds.

They probably take them to dog parks to see how many dogs they can catch!!! And to know they have a baby and will teach it to treat pits this way is horrifying. It's why the stereotype of these beautiful dogs is tarnished and will not change.

My dog Dallas is half Am Staff! She is a beautiful and friendly dog. Towards people and animals.

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