Monday, October 15, 2012

A Beautiful Antique Home?

Come on people in the real estate world, give me a break. We went to see a house Saturday. It was built in 1760. The pictures were beautiful of this home and the yard was awesome.
I drove by the outside of it and the area a few days before, as I usually do and I loved it. Well, when we got inside there were water stains on the ceiling and everything was really old. There was a beautiful staircase in the front of the house, but when you looked at it closer, it was dangerous on one side.
There was dryrot outside that went all the way through to the partial basement.
And the roof was wavy and needed to be replaced and so did all the windows. The window openings were small and some extremely small that to replace them you would have had to enlarge the openings.
Agents should start taking pictures of the "real" house. Why are they wasting my time and the time of every broker out there. Sure it gets us to go see the house, but it's not going to change our mind on buying it. Most people qualify for FHA loans and they need to be in practically pristine condition. Would I have liked to buy this house if I qualified for a 203K or any other kind of loan? Probably yes! It had a lot of beautiful features.
And once the rug was pulled up in this room, the smell of cat urine would have gone away. This house was actually $15,000 above our range, but I figured it was on the market for at least 7 months so they would probably go down. Well the day we saw it, it had already gone down $5,000.
They were having an open house the next day. I'm sure if someone put a bid on it, it was for a lot less than they were asking. And to them I say Good Luck! But next time don't waste my time seeing a home that needs so much work. So far I only saw two that were truthful with their pictures. Sure they probably didn't get as many people to see it. But they got the right people to see it. And lots of homes we are seeing will say Title V: Not Done. Which means that they are waiting on a bid to spend the $300-$500 to check if it passes. A house we put a bid on was like this. Then we find out it didn't pass Title V. How does that even make sense? Get your ducks lined up and make sure the house is sellable. AND AGAIN, STOP WASTING OUR TIME!!!!!

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