Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Day In The Life Of A Basement Dweller

So our realtor has now told us that the house we wanted in Middleboro has changed.  In a way.  He said that the selling realtor left him a message that someone's mother would pay to have the septic system tested.  Remember that this is the one they wanted us to check and see if it was working.  Thus wasting our money for no reason.  Of course my realtor calls me up telling me the last name of the woman willing to do the testing.  And this is because he did not understand who it was and thought (in his wild dreams), that it was someone we knew.  So I told him I did not know who this woman was and said that maybe it was the mother of the people who are selling the home so it will have a better chance of being sold.  My realtor says, "Oh yeah, that would make sense"! Duuuuuuuh!  Of course it would.  It's called common sense.  Which I have ranted about before being not so common!

So in the end, if it does pass Title V, we just might get the house with the gorgeous yard and peaceful neighborhood.  The one that needs a floor in the master bedroom and a much needed wall in the one bathroom.  That is, if FHA allows it.  I feel like I am in a circus because of all the hoops they are making us jump through.  Maybe after this I can get a real job in one.

Hope everyone is having a fabulously awesome autumn day!  Thanks for reading.

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