Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Open Houses

So yesterday we ventured out to an open house.  Saturday we also went to one.  They were both too much money.  Saturday's house they were just putting in a new septic system.  The Realtor made sure that she told us it cost $55,000.  What I got from that is they want the asking price so they make some money.  It was going for $220,000.  $20,000 over our budget, yikes!

The one on Saturday was small and had a little less than an acre of land.  It was going for $212,000.  It just came on the market and the women's mother was the realtor.  In my opinion, it will not sell for that.  It bothered me that they painted all the walls a pretty color and left the front door scraped and dirty.  In both bedrooms they had sliding doors for the closets.  In the children's bedroom (little children), the door was not attached on the bottom.  Seemed quite dangerous to me.  The basement didn't smell bad like most of the  others we've been in.

I think since we went alone to these open houses, that we can't bring our Realtor in on it and get him half the commission.  We signed in, which probably wasn't a good idea if we want our realtor to be involved.

This is what you get for $55,000 in septic systems.  

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