Saturday, September 29, 2012

Looking Further West

So today we went to Wrentham and Milford to check out two houses. The first house was in Milford. It was on a semi busy road which is okay with me if you can't hear the traffic. The inside was all done up new. New carpet, kitchen, nice redish paint on the walls. But the kitchen was in the front of the house. The sink was over on one side and the stove on the other???? To get to the living room, you walk between the bathroom with the shower and a staircase. The living room was long, but had ins and outs so it looked like 3 different areas. And the middle area had the stairs.
Upstairs they had another bathroom, which was very nice, but only had a tub and no shower because the ceiling was slanted. They did all this beautiful new work with new rugs too, but never swept up all the little pieces of everything. It was just plain weird. They did have a nice landing at the top of the stairs, but you had to walk right off the stairs to get to it. And the stairs were right outside one of the bedrooms. And I mean if you got up at night to use the bathroom, you might just end up using the one downstairs. hahaha.It had a small deck off the side at the end of the driveway. But the only set of
stairs went to the driveway not the yard. You had to walk beside the porch and down a steep incline to go to the yard that was two levels. Seems like the only safe way to get to the backyard was through the basement. Which had a sump pump and smelled a little. So I wonder how the children went out to their large three quarter acre yard and how the parents ran out to help them if they were hurt, and how you would have a picnic or cookout back there. It disturbed me a lot.
We've had our realtor for weeks now. He knows we only qualify for an FHA loan. So why, in the world would he waste his and our time looking at a total fixer upper? I know I have better things to do with my day than smell funny smells, walk up dangerous stairs and see people's trash all over the place. This house in Wrentham had some work done by the homeowners, but could not be finished because her husband passed away. That was really sad, but would not and could not make me buy this house. In the kitchen, they put in new cabinets and a nice sink. It was in front of a window, which is usually a great idea. But, this countertop was two inches above the windowsill. Craziness is the only word I have for that.
It was actually a large house and could be made into something gorgeous, but the one acre yard could never be fixed. It had a fence halfway down the middle cutting off the more than half acre that dropped to nowhere. Interesting at best. And this house had another driveway that was so steep we would never be able to drive up it in the winter. I thought our driveway now was steep, yikes!

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