Thursday, September 27, 2012

Continuing Our House Hunting

Today we went to see a house in Lakeville. It was a nice size house and had a really big garage. The house posting said "minor cosmetics needed"! Well, I don't actually know who these people are talking to when they call them minor??? Some rooms needed floors because they were just plywood. And some rooms needed walls because there were holes in them. And the house smelled like mothballs. That is one smell I cannot stand. Who would think of using that as an air freshener? Did they ever hear of plugins? So the house smelled like mothballs and urine. And the steps to the upstairs bedrooms were so steep I felt like I was climbing a ladder.Now that I've explained the inside here is the outside. An above ground pool that has not been used for 2 years, they say. The whole yard was in the front and left side of the house. We noticed there was a golf course on the other side of the chain link fence (which for some reason my husband thought brought the value down). We walked through the tall grass hoping we didn't get tics, and then we saw it. Train tracks right there about 5 feet (not even) from the house. I proceeded to tell my husband that now we can live like tv stars. That's right, just like the family on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Except our train was closer.Needless to say, FHA would NOT approve us for such a house. Even though my husband still liked it. I never did get to see the basement.
The first house we saw was in Middleboro. It has almost 2 acres of land. A grape arbor and 3 buildings that were used for hobbies. They had a chicken running around and a bunch of others in the back. And they had a beautiful garden. The house was not very big 1097 sf wereas the other one was over 2,000. But the rooms looked very big and clean. We would have to paint because the walls were a yellowish beige. We liked it very much.
We are waiting until we see two more houses on Saturday until we make a decision. One is in Wrentham and one in Milford.If anyone sees a home we might like, please let us know. Our limit is $200,000 half acre or more would be awesome.I hope you're enjoying my blog. Would love to hear some comments if you have the time. Thanks.

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