Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Problems Of A Low Approval

So last night we went to see two houses in Plymouth. The first one we went to was on a semi busy road. We passed the house because it was blocked by a fence and had a small area to enter the driveway. When we turned the car around the driveway was angled the other way. It was so short and steep that I got vertigo. At the end of the driveway was a set of stairs that we almost ran into. We had an even harder time backing out of the driveway. We actually burned rubber. It must have been a short sale, (my Realtor thought it was, but wasn't sure????) There were broken windows taped with duct tape and the front part of the roof had plywood down and some tar paper. I was surprised it wasn't leaking. The front door and basement doors were unlocked. The house had clothes and toys all over the floor. My Realtor kept saying, "It may be a short sale, but they shouldn't keep their house like this." And my reply to that was, "They're losing their home and maybe they always live like this. I know people that live in worse." I can look past clutter and mess and see potential. The home was really nice. Two full baths upstairs and a half bath on the first floor.When we looked out the second story windows you felt like you lived in a tree house, which sounds romantic and all, but it really means that the backyard was so steep we couldn't even walk through it. Then on the other side of the fence was a dirt road and homes.So I would say NO to the first house.
The second one we saw was a little hard to find. FYI, when an address has an R after the number it usually means Rear. Well this was very rear. Off the main road we went for half a mile on a dirt road and came out to a beautiful view from the top of the hill of a very large pond. Evergreens going all the way down the hill. Then we looked to our left and saw the house. It was a large cabin. Inside there was mold everywhere on the walls. The large pine planks on the floors and some of the walls were actually very nice. The stairway down to the first floor was very well made. The mold smell and the tiny worn out kitchen was too much to take. The back windows were coming off and the roof needed to be redone. But the view...! Please don't ever be distracted by a view. Also, this property had 1.58 acres and was so peaceful and beautiful. The thought had crossed my mind to buy it, tear it down, reuse the beautiful wood planks and rebuild. Then reality struck and I realized that for $179,000 I could not afford any of that nonsense.So now we were suppose to see two tonight, and one or two on Friday. I asked our Realtor about that and he tells me, "Oh, I could only get one for Wednesday so maybe we can switch to Thursday and I'm busy on Friday so we can't see any. How about Saturday?" Of course I said okay, because what else can I do? He still has the magic key. The real reason I think he said he was busy Friday is because it's too far for him to drive on a weeknight. I'm fine with that, but not fine with thinking up excuses and not telling me the truth. All I ever want from anyone is the truth.

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