Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Realtors And All We Need To Know

REALTORS AND ALL WE NEED TO KNOWSo tonight we are going to look at three houses in the Plymouth area. I’m not sure we want to live in that area because in the summer there is a lot of traffic on the highway and my darling husband takes the highway to work. But if the house and yard are magnificent (for our price range), we might go.  It is good for our Realtor because he is from the area and won’t have to drive far like we’ve been having him do. Why do I feel bad about that? He will get paid when we find our home. It’s a major decision we have to make and here I am worrying about how far our Realtor has to drive to show us a house with his magic key. What is wrong with me?

We are still waiting for our $1,000 check that we gave him weeks ago when we put a bid on our “dream house” that someone else will soon be living in. He told us that he asked his boss for it and he still didn’t get it from him. Something about it being cashed (which it wasn’t). Hopefully we will get it tonight or else we will not be able to put it down on another “dream house”.There are so many rules and things you must go through to get a house. I have been searching the internet and finding things that our Realtor didn’t tell us. Maybe he thought we already knew? Like needing 5% down when you go for the purchase and sales agreement signing. That is when they will finally take the house off the market. Then at the closing you can put down the rest of your money. Problem is, we are getting our money from someplace that needs a signed purchase and sales before they will give it to us. And getting a loan for it is against the law and loan fraud. Which our Realtor says is okay to do since we are paying it off right away. Well, I DON’T THINK SO! Imagine trying to explain that to the judge?

I am also trying to make my own bug spray because we are going to an area where a lady just died of EEE. I don’t like chemicals and don’t like dying even more. One of the houses is on a pond (which my DH does not like, but also, does not know). I try to show him the online posts, but he can’t get into it. So when we go to these houses, he always says, “why didn’t you tell me _____?” And I laugh.

Tomorrow is another day and another set of houses. So after seeing seven houses this week, we might just find what we want.

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