Monday, December 3, 2012

Does Everyone Feel Like This?

Does everyone get nervous on their first day of actual work (not orientation/training)?  I am a grown ass 54 year old, somewhat intelligent woman and I'm nervous going to work on a register.

Maybe it's because I understand the importance of doing a good job.  Or maybe it's the whole money thing, where I don't want to shortchange the company or the members.

Or maybe, like high school, I just want everyone to like me.  Is it really that simple?

During training I took notes.  When I came home I compiled them on a piece of paper.  It helps me remember them when I rewrite them.  Then I typed them up and printed them out to fit on small pieces of paper so I can keep them in my pocket.

My husband says I'm crazy.  They pay minimum wage.  But I say, who cares what they pay, I want to do the best I can do.  And who wants to look like an idiot when the job is supposedly simple?  I would rather be over prepared than under prepared.

I have always been a little neurotic and over do things.  

I don't understand why companies train the way they do.  They put you in a room all by yourself and make you watch the most awful, boring computer pages (not even movies).  There is no one to ask questions.  And they don't supply you with paper and a pen to take notes.

I actually wanted to take a picture of the cash register to memorize where all the keys were.

At one of my jobs we would put the cash register in "training mode" and have different scenarios happen so we would get hands on training before customers and mayhem came.  All jobs should train you hands on before meeting customers.

They should also give you cheat sheets of how to log on and off of your register and how to make money drops, frank checks, do voids and any other pertinent information you may need.

Today I will be thrown on my own register after 3 days of orientation and "training".  And a few hours of trying to watch others on their register.  Which was very hard to see with a carriage and employee in the way!  And with my own little cheat sheets that I hope I wrote down correctly.  Even though some of my notes looked a little sketchy.

After writing this blog post, I have come to the realization that it is my perfectionism that is making me nervous.  I DO NOT like to make mistakes.  Or especially look dumb in front of others.  I even took a summer school class in high school for typing, the summer before I had to take it that year so that I was prepared for class.

So today, after meditating this morning, I will go to work with the words of Deepak Chopra in my mind..."My actions are blissfully free from attachment of the outcome"!  I will do my best, as we say to our children, and "It is what it is"!

Let's hope it works.

Have an awesome day!

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