Monday, December 10, 2012

What About Christmas Present Laws?

The you love them or hate them?  I love the festivities, the music, spending time with family and even the presents.  But sometimes the giving and getting of presents is not all that fun.  Like when you get something you really hate, but have to pretend you love it.  Or giving someone a present they don't like.  You can always tell a fake, "Oh I loooovveee it!"  People spend money they don't have and get things that people don't really want.

I think Christmas should have some rules that everyone must follow.  The government is always passing laws.  How about a law about Christmas?

These are the laws I would pass:

1.  You will not buy more than 5 presents for each person.

2.  You will not buy for anyone you haven't talked to in the month of November.

3.  You will not spend more than 20% of your monthly salary for the whole holiday.

4.  You will not return a bad Christmas gift to the store.  You will re-gift it to the person who bought it.
(they will either love it because they bought it, or will make better choices next year)    

5.  You must not buy clothes for someone you do not live with.
(if it's too small or too big, it's insulting)

6.  Food is not a present.

7.  Offices are not allowed to do a gift exchange unless all the employees are related.

8.  Companies that have Christmas parties, must give bonuses.
(they must have money if they gave a party)

9.  No Christmas gifts will be given after Christmas.  Save them for the next year.
(you obviously didn't care to make time for them so save the gift)

10. Anyone under the age of 4 is not allowed more than 4 presents.
(it's too overwhelming)

11. If someone says they don't want anything you must NOT buy them anything.
(next year they won't say it)

If you can think of any other laws you would like passed, just comment below.  Maybe we can get them passed before next Christmas.

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