Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoy Holiday Shopping!

To enjoy holiday shopping you must

1.  Make a list.  A detailed list so you have something to focus on instead of looking at all the pretty things out there.  How much you're spending is also a great thing to write down!

2.  Go to a plaza or a mall and park as far away as you can.  This way, you won't be rushing to leave so someone can get your space and there will be less traffic.  The walk, in the brisk air, will clear your mind and make it easier to shop.

3.  Try to buy medium to small items if you are alone and large items if you're with someone that can transport them to the car.  And buy them last.

4.  Make sure you stop to eat in the middle of your shopping extravaganza.  Try and put your list and shopping out of your mind for at least 30 minutes and enjoy the Holiday sights and sounds around you.

5.  Don't over dress.  It gets hot if you're inside a mall, and walking around a plaza can too if it's not freezing outside.

6.  Do not bring your largest pocketbook, but make sure you can fit a bottle of water and some reusable shopping bags to put all the little plastic bags in.  And having a strap on your purse long enough to go across your body is an added bonus for not dropping it or leaving it on a counter.

7.   Put all your sales slips in the same spot.  A change purse or your wallet so you can see what you've actually spent when you get home.

8.  Make sure you cross off your list as you go.  It is very gratifying.

9.  If you do put packages in your car, make sure they are in the trunk or try and cover them with something.  And always make sure you lock your car after.

10. Never ever take little children shopping with you.  If you want them to visit Santa, do that on a separate day and just make it a fun together time.

11.  When you get home, try wrapping a few presents a day so it isn't too overwhelming.

12.  And after putting the bags in a safe hiding spot, dress in something comfy, sit down and put your feet up and have yourself a cup of tea, hot cocoa, wine or other libation that will relax you.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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