Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Answer These Will You Please?

Do customers mind waiting in a long line if they know they will get good service at the end?

What is more important, a friendly cashier? Or someone who is solely focused on their job?

If a cashier makes a mistake and you must wait, do you like when they make small talk?

Would you pick the cashier that was happy, or the one that was fast?

Do you enjoy when the cashier is complaining about their job?

If you liked the cashier, would you tell management? Or let it go?

If you didn't like the cashier would you tell management? Or let it go? Thanks for your time!


  1. 1) Waiting in a long check out line to give a store my money is the beginning of bad service as far as I'm concerned.

    2) A friendly cashier

    3) Small talk is part of being friendly

    4) I'd probably pick the quicker line, but if I'd like to pretend I'd pick the happy one

    5) I really have no time to listen to someone complain about their job as they're doing it

    6 and 7) Unless the service was extraordinarily good or bad I probably wouldn't make time to tell management one way or another

  2. Touché about waiting in a long line is bad service! Thanks for answering!