Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holidays Are Stressful

I use to think that I was stressed during the holidays because I was shopping in crowds and stuck in traffic! Always trying to get thee perfect gift for someone!

Well, I finally realized that I'm stressed without those things. I think it's all the energy around me from other people that gets to me!

So I decided to take it upon myself to cut down on my anxiety level and I hope everyone reading this, does as well! This way, the stress level around us will soften.

So I have started to meditate to start my day, then meditate to clear my head before bed. I'm also drinking herbal tea and not having caffeine after noon-time!

I hope everyone has time to chill out at least once a day! Cut out the things that we think we need to do, but no one really ever cares about.

If your husband needs a gift for his secretary, have him buy it. And the same with the kids.

If you need to bake or cook use pre made crusts, have kids help or do a cookie swap. There's always an easier way to do things and people might want to help, they just don't know what to do!

We use to pick names of the grownups and buy one gift for someone.  We would spend $35.  It doesn't sound like it would be stressful, but if someone was only getting one gift, you would want to make it special.  I found that very stressful.  So a few years ago we started having a Yankee Swap.  We still buy for the children, but any adult or child that wants to participate can.  We spend $15 and there is no pressure, because when you open the gift you pick you can always switch it with someone else.  I like seeing what the most sought after gift is.  And if neighbors or friends come over they can always participate and don't have to feel left out from a family exchanging gifts.

If anyone has any special traditions for their holiday celebrations I would love to hear about them.  There is always room for more traditions.  Or changing the ones we have to see what works.

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