Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 23, 2012 Festivus Celebration!

I always see my three boys on Christmas Eve at the family gathering.  It's usually 30-40 people with lots of fun chaos and children.  So this year I decided to see them a day earlier to celebrate in a quieter atmosphere.

I happen to be watching Seinfeld the other day, which I haven't watched in a long time so it must be an omen.  And it was the episode where George Castanzas father comes up with a new holiday that he called Festivus.  So I wanted to see if there was a real celebration.  It was actually on Wikipedia, isn't everything?  And it is celebrated on December 23rd.  So I thought, since I don't have a Christmas tree this year, and my kids happen to be coming over on the 23rd, maybe I too could get a metal pole and celebrate Festivus.

I haven't told my children yet.  I'm wondering if they will know when they see the metal pole.  Airing grievances will be fun, but then we will say something nice to each person.  And there won't be any wrestling on the floor, I'm thinking arm wrestling so everyone can participate.  They had meatloaf on the Seinfeld episode, but I like making shepherd's pie.

I will try and write again before Christmas and let you know how our Festivus celebration went.  We usually celebrate Yule and light candles on the Yule log, but I like to change things up a bit sometimes.

I hope, no matter what kind of celebration you are having, that you make sure it's about family and friends and not about the things you get.  Make sure you tell people that you love them.  Material gifts are not the only thing worth giving.


  1. Funny, I thought Festivus was a total fabrication for the Seinfeld show. Who knew it goes back to the 60s! Hope it was a blast!

  2. We had an awesome time. Thanks for asking. And thanks for reading my blog.