Friday, November 30, 2012

A Glass Of Wine And A Straw

Today I came home from work and found out my husband was working late. Good for us, bad for me!

I hadn't worked in over a year and have been sick with a fever and sore throat for two days! I just got a job and every night I've come home so far, my darling husband was there to cook and take care of me.

Well today there was no such luck! All the dishes and pans were dirty and all I wanted was to sit and have a glass of wine. Never mind that I was also starving. So my solution was to put my wine in a tall glass with a straw. Well wouldn't you know, I finished all the pans and dishes and the glass of wine.

So next time you think you need to make a choice, give it some thought and you just may come up with an awesome way to multitask!

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