Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Do People Let It Get To This?

Beautiful home with great size yard and an awesome price. But we can't buy it because the copper pipes are missing and FHA won't approve that!


How do people let it get to that point? Can't they rent it for a reasonable price before they can't afford it anymore? Or sell it for a low price before people tear it apart! I guess I won't understand unless I'm in that position.

I hope people have learned their lesson on buying things they can't afford? Buy only what you can afford on one person's salary. I know two people can lose their jobs, but that's less likely!

Rent costs more than some mortgages so buy a smaller home and pay it off quicker.

At my age, buying a house is a lot different because I know I won't be moving a few more times. And I want it paid off before I'm 84 so double payments are a must! I'm definitely not buying something I can't afford, but also at this age, it's hard to look at fixer uppers!

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