Wednesday, November 21, 2012

54 Things I've Learned In 54 Years!

Today is my 54th Birthday and I have been thinking about my life and what I have learned. I thought I would share some of my insights with my readers. I have learned:

1. Family IS always there for you no matter what.
2. All you need to clean when company is coming is your kitchen and bath!
3. What you say is way more important than what you wear.
4. No matter what your age, you can always find a date.
5. Cell phones, social networks and computers are fantastic and horrible.
6. You should always be aware of your surroundings.
7. Like the book says, you really don't have to sweat the small stuff.
8. The library is still a pertinent place to go.
9. Recycling is not that hard to do.
10. When you're raising children all ages are challenging so ask for help.
11. You can buy better clothes at the Salvation Army than at Walmart.
12. Cell phones counteract rage while waiting in a long line.
13. There is someone just for you, even if you don't find them till you're 45.
14. My parents really can be nice people.
15. You can survive your childhood and your children's childhood.
16. Black Friday is my least favorite day of the year.
17. You can drop friends from your life that suck the life out of you.
18. Dogs make the best friends.
19. Meditation is a necessary part of life.
20. Living on autopilot is dangerous and not very fun.
21. You can drink wine everyday and be healthy.
22. Doctors get paid too much and do too little, I would rather have a nutritionist/trainer.
23. It's very easy to say I Love You to the ones you care about.
24. Hugs are way underrated.
25. Vinegar CAN clean everything.
26. Getting rid of Blue Laws completely, is wrong.
27. You can teach yourself anything if you can read.
28. Watching children or dogs play can get rid of any bad mood.
29. Everyone just wants to be heard. So really listen when someone is talking.
30. Being vegan does not mean being healthy.
31. You really don't ever forget how to ride a bike.
32. You never stop being a Mother.
33. Closets are important.
34. Country music has a song for everything that has happened in your life.
35. You can get a good job without going to college.
36. Everyone needs to go on at least one road trip with someone they like.
37. God is everywhere so you don't have to go to church to talk.
38. Bookcases are a very important piece of furniture.
39. Christmas movies are good anytime of the year.
40. Having money does NOT make you happier. Knowing what to do with it does.
41. Listen to all the experts, pick what you like and leave the rest.
42. Football is pretty easy to understand.
43. No is an easy word to say!
44. You can go through life without using paper towels.
45. Getting things for free is always fun.
46. Wireless headphones can save your marriage.
47. Raking is great exercise.
48. Even when you clean up after your dog, you will always step in something.
49. Blueberry's make me happy.
50. Leaf blowers were the worst invention ever.
51. Your children can teach you things.
52. You don't have to shave your legs after 50. (It stops growing.) TMI?
53. There are people out there that will help if you just ask.
54. And last, but not least, my children turned out pretty good even though I wasn't perfect.

Have A Fantastic Day Everyone!


  1. First off, happy belated birthday! Secondly, these are so great, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Jarrod! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!