Friday, November 2, 2012

What Realtors Are Really Saying

Looking online again for a house. I've been noticing some click words like, cozy means small, elbow grease means tons of work, near public transportation and great park means lots of noise and on a busy street. But this sentence really got to me. It said New 3 BR septic 1999. How can the word new mean anything else but new? I would have written it as "septic was put in in 1999"! Lower on down the page it says "Sewer Utilities: Inspection Required for Sale, Private Sewerage - Title 5: Buyer's Responsibility Disclosures: Short sale subject to 3rd party approval; Sold "as is"; Title V buyer responsibility. So please, posters of any real estate, please don't be stupid enough to think we will fall for your deceptive quaint wording. We are much smarter than you realize. And in the future, remember that NEW means just that NEW. Putting it in front of a year that is 13 years ago, does not make it better.

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