Monday, November 12, 2012

Time To Start Fresh

This weekend was the last straw. A home we saw about a month ago came back on the market and our realtor never told us. So I called him because he was the one that showed it to us and I thought that was the right thing to do.

We didn't need to see it again, just put a bid down. So he wrote up the agreement for our bid and emailed it to me. The first one had our wrong town written down so he redid it and emailed it again. This time he emailed it a different way and I wasn't able to print it. Then I got the great idea to have him put 0 in the down payment spot because the sign in front of the home said buy with $0 down. He finally did that and I was finally able to print it out.

Today was the day he was to come to our house and get the signed agreement and a check for $1,000. So I waited for his call. When he finally called he said that when he talked to the homes realtor, he said we need to put 2-2.5% down instead of just $1,000. He also said that we would have to pay for the inspection (which I don't know why he was saying this because we knew this for months now)! And he said we would have to wait 90 days before we knew if we were getting the house because it was a short sale. It sounded like he was talking us out of it. He told us the other day it would take at least 3 months and on the paperwork it said closing was in March 2013!

So after a long rigamarole of him mumbling about the transaction, I said forget about it. We will put this house behind us. I then proceeded to tell him that we were changing directions and trying to qualify for a 203k loan (rehab), because most of the homes we've seen need lots of work. This was also my way of telling him we were going a different way in realtors. But he didn't get my hint. He said to call him when I find something. Hey wait, isn't he the realtor? Shouldn't he be finding me stuff? He works part-time because he's retired. He might sell 1-2 houses a year and he's telling me to call him when I find something. That was the last straw.

WE ARE GOING WITH ANOTHER REALTOR. I AM PREDICTING THAT WE WILL FIND THE PERFECT HOUSE FOR US IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH! And the best part about our new realtor is, THEY will be doing a lot of the searching!

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